Michael and Kari Fixel


Dear Sunrise Homes:

fixel_homeI am writing this letter to commend your work on our new house.

We entered into our first home building venture with much trepidation and anxiety. The horror stories of building nightmares from our friends were abundant. And, true to form, our experience with our first choice of builders was a real-life nightmare. But then, as you know, our luck changed. We were introduced to you by a mutual friend, we were able to terminate our contract with our original builder and sign a new one with you.

Since you had just created your new business, we had little past work to review. However, after meeting you both and viewing your first house under construction, we felt comfortable taking a chance on a couple of aggressive guys just getting their business off the ground.

When we signed the contract in August of 2000, we expressed to you that one of our biggest priorities was to be living in our new home by Christmas. You assured us that it would also be your priority. To our surprise, we saw new progress at the work site virtually every day, Monday through Friday. There were no two-week periods where nothing was accomplished, as our friends had warned us there would be. Still, we were a bit in awe when the keys to our new home were turned over to us on the target date of December 15th.

While no project as big as a house can be completed without problems, we found ours to be minimal. When a problem did arise, we felt comfortable approaching you and discussing it. The solutions to the problems were always reasonable. Even after occupancy, we were still able to contact you just as easily and get problems corrected.

We were very impressed with the quality of the work completed. We are also grateful for the way you scheduled the sub-contractors around us while we completed the work on the house that we wanted to do ourselves. You were reasonable to work with when we wanted to use different materials than you normally would.

In closing, we want to thank you for your effort in the building of our house. You have our permission to use us as a reference to your future customers. If they wish to walk through our home to inspect your quality of work, please have them contact us.

Good luck to you both in the growth of your company.

Michael and Kari Fixel
Vernon, WI